Flateyri has been called Hollywood of the North, with half of the population somehow connected to filmmaking. The breathtaking nature of the fjord has been the backdrop of internationally renowned Icelandic films such as Noi the Albino, Sparrows and Paris of the North.

With a permanent population of mere 150 people, Flateyri is a popular artist destination and has established itself as one of the go to places for a summer inspiration in the Icelandic community of writers, filmmakers and musicians. In winter time a popular folk high school operates in the village where young people from all over move to Flateyri for the winter and study extreme sports, winter outdoor activites and creative arts.

Aside from all the creativity the village contains, Flateyri is a traditional Westfjords fishing village which was founded nearly 150 years ago when one of the worlds biggest whale hunting port was set up in the fjord. In the late 1800's Flateyri grew to be one of the most valuable exporting port in the whole of Iceland but these days the biggest part of the population earns their living through fishing industries.

In the year 1995, tragedy struck the village when a big avalanche hit Flateyri causing death to 20 people. The event had a huge impact on the small society but now the town sports one of the biggest avalanche defences in the world to make sure history won't repeat itself. Despite the community going through testing times Flateyri is still a place of happiness and serenity and no doubt the impact of the events in 1995 has made the village as tight knit as it could ever be.

In Flateyri and Onundarfjord, although not having the biggest population, there are 5 café's and restaurants, the oldest shop in Iceland, as well as tourist attractions such as a doll museum and seminars about a local delicacy, the traditional Icelandic wind dried fish.

Flateyri and it's surrounding areas are great for outdoor activities full of intruiging walking trek's including one to the top of the highest mountain with amazing views over the fjord. There is a vast bird population as well as whales and seals in the fjord with whom you can get up close and personal on kayak and boat trips.

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