48 Hour Comedy Filmmaking Competition

At this year's Iceland Comedy Film Festival we will host a comedy filmmaking competition where teams get 48 hours to get a funny idea, shoot it, edit and then premiering the film. 48 hour filmmaking challenges are known all over the world but this is the first time it's done in Iceland and no better place to do it than Iceland Comedy Film Festival, the funniest film festival in Iceland.

The rules: Teams can consist of 1-3 people. Each team of up to 3 people gets free accommodation in Flateyri and free admission to all festival events. Although a team can only have up to 3 people you can rope in additional people to assist and act in your film.

The schedule: Wednesday, September 18th: Arnór Pálmi, the curator of the competition, will run a crash course in comedy filmmaking followed by the competitions common theme being announced. After that, the clock will start ticking! Arnór Pálmi will be on site to assist the teams in the process from start to finish.
Thursday, September 29th: Blood, sweat and tears... of laughter.
Friday, September 20th: Finished films to be delivered.

The small print: The teams need to arrange their own kit for filming but we will have an editing station set up with computers at Flateyri's Community College.All films made in the competition will be premiered at Iceland Comedy Film Festival 2019 and the best film will receive an award. Please fill out the form below to apply. Final deadline is September 5th.

For further information, contact Eyþór jovinsson@icelandcomedyfilmfestival.com

Arnór Pálmi, one if the funniest director in Iceland, will be on site to assist the teams in the process from start to finish.

Application form for the 48 Hour Comedy Filmmaking Competition

In need for camera equipment?
In need for editing computer?
In need for accommodation in Flateyri?